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aTruckForSale.com Domain Name for Sale

aTruckForSale.com is a TOP LEVEL premier domain name for ALL truck, automotive, heavy equipment markets because:
1) it is short at 13 letters
2) it is easy to spell
3) it is easy to remember
4) it is phonetically perfect: thus among the easiest names to speak
5) it is easily brandable
6) It contains TOP money making keywords "truck" and "sale"
7) it does NOT contain numbers, dashes, or odd characters which spell doom for any domain name
8) it is based on the .com extension (ALL other extensions like .net and .org will forever be weaker because ".com" is the default at which all web browsers go to when keywords and searches are typed in).

In 9 months aTruckForSale.com could be built into a top competitor in this market earning no less than $3,200 per week or used to sell trucks directly to the consumer. Sites in this market are making hundreds of thousands of dollars right now and will continue to do so forever. These sites do NOT have domain names anywhere near as strong as aTruckForSale.com and yet are HIGHLY profitable right now.

These extremely profitable domain names are making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and are STILL inferior to aTruckForSale.com because they do NOT contain the very important premium Google keyword "sale". With those points in mind aTruckForSale.com becomes a superior choice for a top level bargain priced domain name upon which a permanent lifelong income can be built. Hundreds of thousands of people are using the keywords "truck for sale" every month to search online for a truck to purchase. You can OWN this market with this premium domain name.

Price $4,200 or best offer

will consider trades for items of equal value


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